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Aesir Gaming Network is a network in where users can come together and play servers and games. AGN has a british themed fivem server to offer, with many british items, for example, the police are modelled after the MET and the NHS are all british as well, mechanics have british themed trucks and are themed around the 'AA', and many other enhancements just to make the time of the players more enjoyable

Along side this we off a survival minecraft server with loads of custom features e.g Crates, Cosmetics, anti greif and quests! this is just a snippet of what you can get up to.. but it doesnt stop their we offer loads more and have mutliplayer lobbies for all sorts of games where other players can come and have a good time. What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!
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"AGN is a great community to join and play different games from FiveM to Minecraft. AGN welcomes everyone, so if you’re looking for a place to make friends and meet people AGN is the place"
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"I have been apart of AGN for a little over 2 years, in that time ive seen the community grow for the greater good. It has plenty to offer with friendly staff and a welcoming community with games for you to play!
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"AGN is a place for me, like a second home. I can always rely on my friends there, I can "escape" life, and just generally have a laugh with everyone."
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